ADRENALIN 2023: Building Energy Load Disaggregation Challenge

Organized by bat - Current server time: May 31, 2023, 4:13 p.m. UTC

First phase

Sept. 1, 2023, midnight UTC


Competition Ends
Dec. 31, 2023, midnight UTC


Start: Sept. 1, 2023, midnight

Description: In this phase, a portion of the data will be released, and participants will be given a chance to familiarize themselves with the competition environment, training data, and documentation, and also allow the raising of issues. There will be a public leaderboard, where the scoring will be done against the training data. We will also create a solution example, and provide baseline models.


Start: Oct. 1, 2023, midnight

Description: This phase marks the beginning of the entry evaluation and ranking of submitted entries against hidden validation dataset. A public leaderboard will be available where participants will see how their submissions rank against each other and how their latest submission ranks against other participants' submissions. At the beginning of this phase, the complete training dataset will be released.


Start: Nov. 1, 2023, midnight

Description: New submissions will be halted at the beginning of this phase. The submitted entries will be evaluated against a separate hidden dataset, on a private leaderboard. The final leaderboard and selected winners will be published.

Competition Ends

Dec. 31, 2023, midnight

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