Causal Structure Learning from Event Sequences and Prior Knowledge

Organized by noahlabcausal - Current server time: May 19, 2024, 11:46 a.m. UTC

First phase

Phase 1
Aug. 15, 2023, noon UTC


Competition Ends
Nov. 5, 2023, noon UTC

Phase 1

Start: Aug. 15, 2023, noon

Description: Phase1: create models and submit them or directly submit results on validation and/or test data; feed-back are provided on the validation set only.

Phase 2

Start: Oct. 16, 2023, 1:15 p.m.

Description: Final phase : The ultimate winners will be determined based on the ranking score on the Phase 2 leaderboard and the final material review !

Competition Ends

Nov. 5, 2023, noon

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