VoiceMOS Challenge

Organized by wenchinhuang - Current server time: May 19, 2024, 11:35 a.m. UTC


Break phase
March 1, 2022, midnight UTC


Post-evaluation phase
March 7, 2022, midnight UTC


Competition Ends

Training phase

Start: Dec. 5, 2021, midnight

Description: The training phase. Participants develop their model using the training & development datasets shown on the DATA tab.

Evaluation phase

Start: Feb. 21, 2022, midnight

Description: The evaluation phase. Participants submit their final testing set results.

Break phase

Start: March 1, 2022, midnight

Description: The break phase. Participants wait for the organizing committee to analyze the results. Please do not submit during this phase.

Post-evaluation phase

Start: March 7, 2022, midnight

Description: The post-evaluation phase. Participants can keep submitting their testing set results for analysis, paper writing, etc.

Competition Ends


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1 xiaohaitian 0.941
2 hearing 0.940
3 shinnosuke 0.940