2023 IEEE GRSS Data Fusion Contest Track 1

Organized by dfc2023.iecas - Current server time: Feb. 1, 2023, 7:37 p.m. UTC


Development Phase
Jan. 4, 2023, noon UTC


Test Phase
March 6, 2023, noon UTC


Competition Ends

Development Phase

Start: Jan. 4, 2023, noon

Description: Participants are provided with training data and additional validation images (without corresponding reference data) to train and validate their algorithms.

Test Phase

Start: March 6, 2023, noon

Description: Participants receive the test data set (without the corresponding reference data) and submit their results within seven days.

Future-development Phase

Start: March 13, 2023, noon

Description: Subsequent participants can submit results to evaluate their algorithms, but will not be awarded prizes or certificates.

Competition Ends


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