> Anyone looking for a collaborator?

I am really interested in participating in the challenge in some fashion because the whole history of smell is an area I feel passionate about and would love to contribute to. But I definitely don't have the full range of skills or time to make a submission alone. My coding skills are a bit rudimentary... but I have some ideas of things to bring to the table beyond just object detection (utilizing metadata + creating an existing complementary data set based on historical data) to create a more well-rounded view of what a scene may have smelt like.

What I do have to bring to the table is: UX/Human factor skills (this is my day job) and fragrance/perfume knowledge (long time hobby) since I have been doing historical fragrance recipe recreation from surviving manuscripts. I also have some familiarity building and working with data sets.

Posted by: Phi_Cha @ March 20, 2022, 2:03 a.m.
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