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> "weeks below" questions that do not include dates

There are a bunch of questions similar to this: "What will the total number of confirmed hospitalizations due to influenza be in New York for the weeks shown below (starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday)?" (Question M11063)

They don't include any indication of the weeks the question are asking about. I think these are all from Flusight-forecast.

What is the recommended way of handling these?

Posted by: nlothian @ Oct. 16, 2022, 5:31 a.m.

Thank you for the feedback. These should only appear in the training set and a possible to way of handling these is using the dates in the crowd forecasts. One could also assume the last date in the crowd forecasts as the resolution/close date for the particular question. We'll get a chance to address those in the next public release of the dataset. Thanks!

Posted by: Autocast @ Oct. 18, 2022, 3:10 p.m.
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